Anahata -We are love-

From my earliest memories I knew there was something wrong with this world but I didn’t quite grasp what it was. War, aggression, divisions, conflicts, hostilities, hatred, unkindness, disputes and everything that comes with these actions seemed to be the norm and I could not understand this way of behaving at all and questioned these actions frequently. Many people are beginning to understand there is something fundamentally wrong with the way that we are co-existing on this planet with each other, and with the many beautiful and amazing forms of life, who all share this experience. Personally, my questions were left unanswered and found myself falling into the life that was expected of me, until I discovered the power of music.
I was born in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey and am the second youngest of six boys. My first introduction to music was witnessing two of my elder brothers jamming to Glam rock covers with homemade polystyrene guitars. Soon enough the polystyrene guitars became real and the second eldest brother Terrey, who had just finished the first European tour with The Rolling Stones as lighting manager, took an interest and recorded an album at home with his two younger brothers. So I, being artistic and painting from a very
early age, saw that I would be able to express myself in a different way, through music. I picked up the acoustic guitar and jammed along to my brothers music, then moved onto bass guitar finally finding my forte. I found an expression for my grief at losing both parents at an early age firstly through the anger of punk, and then through the passion of rock. Studying bass guitar and musical theory at Basstech in Acton enabled me to enhance my natural talent and improve my chances as a gigging musician.

My first big break was playing bass guitar with the original members of Thin Lizzy at a Phil Lynnot tribute gig. This was when I had my first out of body experience. While jamming along to ‘ Dancing in the moonlight’, I suddenly felt myself pulled out of my body and arriving at the top of the auditorium and seeing myself down on the stage. I could sense the music rather than hear it and my vision was rather like that of Jody Foster when she met her father in the film ‘Contact’. What was truly remarkable was that I realized I had shed all the years of baggage that I had accumulated. The feeling I experienced when leaving my body was more real and intense than the reality we live in as biological beings. This totally changed my perception of what our perceived reality is and put a big smile on my face as I realized that our spirit is pure love. I then understood my youthful reaction against conflict and violence, as this experience of leaving my body made it so clear to me that ‘We are love.’

This was my springboard to tour the UK and Europe in various different bands. While all this was happening, I found time to hone my songwriting and production skills, enabling me to write a spoken word album with Ted Golder, an American associate, and form the band, The Spoken X. My first solo venture was to pen Stepping Up, which I self released..

My new venture is in the form of an album called Anahata. Anahata simply means unstruck, unhurt or unbeaten in Sanskrit. It is the fourth chakra and is linked to the heart, and is fuelled by the love of creation. This is the inspiration of the new album, and the realisation that there is much more to our perceived reality. The music is an energising fusion of mood, rhythmic and world music.

From my earliest encounters and experiences with indigenous peoples’ from across the world, especially their chants and togetherness, my own out of body experiences, and new studies of Open Focus Training and Longevitology, Anahata is a crescendo of all these experiences bought into one expression. Having started my musical career as a bass guitarist, which gave me a good understanding of rhythms, I soon realised I had a talent for writing songs also, which gave me the comprehension of melody. These two factors, together with a deep felt inspiration to write the music, has resulted in an album one can listen to, meditate to, and even clean the chakras to, as the songs run up the chakras in their musical keys. The music is also richly atmospheric in the background at any event or gathering.

Many of us now are starting to believe that this earth will become a better place for all humans and animals to live on when enough of us wake up to group consciousness, and then humanity will find peace with itself and with the planet. My penning of Anahata is a very small contribution to help us all achieve this and I have used it both for relaxation and meditation purposes. At the end of a chakra cleansing session, I feel as if I am floating in the middle of the room. I hope you will have a positive experience of your own through this album.


  1. Thank you for sharing. Although my experience is quite different than yours, the conclusion that humans are waking up and that the world is going through a positive transition is the same.

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