Open your focus. Hear the silence.

We give away our sovereignty to our governments. We give away our security to our police forces and security firms. We give away our knowledge to our teachers and institutions. We give away our spirituality to religion. We give away our health to our doctors. We give away our nourishment to faceless corporations. We give away our financial security to the banksters, or criminal fraudsters in suits. We give away our lives to this false reality that we live in, partly due to the meme we are born into, and the fact that we are expected to carry on as normal with this insanity, even though most people can feel deep down inside there is something really wrong with the way that we are living.

Going back a few years now, I was introduced to Dr Tomasz Kopec. He gave me a link to a movie called Zeitgeist. On viewing the movie, I was really amazed to see the banking scam laid out in an easy to understand way. That movie also asks big questions about 9 11 and the government’s official representation of the facts. The 9 11 commission report is the conspiracy theory, as I am sure most discerning people are aware of this by now. The cover up by a few wealthy oligarchs and government insiders is enormous and being exposed on a daily basis, and slowly, this is seeping into the main stream media. New research is now coming to light about which offices were hit and the people missing from those places of work on that fateful day. Very interesting reading indeed. I was not impressed by the Venus project though, as I believe no one should give away their freedom to a computer. The freedom of choice is one of life’s greatest gifts to us. We must start to use this natural aptitude once again and stop the relentless march to a totally enslaved race of people. This is no longer a tip toe to totalitarianism, it is a full speed ahead onslaught.

I was then invited to Dr Tomasz Kopec’s Open Focus course. I thanked him for waking me up and quickly realised that his classes were exactly what I was looking for at that time. I was trying to work out what the silence was in our reality, and how much more we are capable of as human beings. Having trained in Ki Aikido at one time, I understood about control of the body by concentrating the mind, and was now ready for a new gateway to open, which was Open Focus. I walked into a whole new world of discovery and awareness I knew existed, but hadn’t found the key. I was ready to open my focus and hear the silence.

I asked Tomasz what is Open Focus, how he discovered it and where he plans to go with this new found knowledge?

‘It is easy to Open Focus your attention. Just become aware of the space between you and the computer screen while you are reading these words. Become aware of the spaces between words and keep reading. After a short while you should notice the tension around your eyes releasing and your shoulders relaxing.
The Open Focus attention is the opposite to a narrow focus attention which we use to focus on the problem, on tasks to do or decisions to make. Most people believe that the more focused we are, the more narrow attention we give to something the better result we can expect as an outcome. For this reason they tend to overuse the narrow focus attention in everyday simple situations. It makes them tired, chronically stressed and brings hidden tension to their lives.
On the other hand opening focus of the attention takes only a few moments but immediately makes a noticeable change. For example you can carry on most of your everyday activities, being aware of space around you and staying a lot more relaxed. When you become aware of space surrounding a problem you start noticing solutions you have not seen before. The physical pain will subside if you become aware of space around it.
I found that practicing an open focus attention allows me to relax and always see a wider picture. I know that it also helps my body to restore a natural rhythm in the healthiest possible way.
According to Dr Fehmi, an American scientist and the author of Open Focus theory, opening focus of the attention affects the brain activity and makes the brain more stable and synchronous.
Dr Fehmi and myself created a series of simple mind exercises which help to re-learn how to approach problems, a physical pain, anxiety, insomnia, creativity etc. During these exercises you can improve your brain physiology in a real time. For example I have taught a large group of my patients the Open Focus exercise for physical pain. Most of them have significantly improved and they are now independently applying it in their everyday life.
I also like that Open Focus theory connects the scientific western approach to brain physiology with Far East philosophy. It gives a lot of important answers about life and the world we live in like what is happiness, who we are, what is love? At the same time it is not a new religion and you do not have to change your beliefs to apply it. Everyone can grasp the idea behind the Open Focus theory and learn a very practical way to develop the feeling which follows the logical understanding.
I am confident Open Focus has the potential to change humanity. I imagine people making decisions without fear and with full access to their creative minds. People being able to control their physical pain, their unwanted feelings, being able to sleep well every night and knowing how to dissolve their unhealthy cravings for power, money and the attention of others.
My goal is to make as many people as I can try Open Focus exercises and feel them for themselves. I know from experience that once you feel it you quickly recognise that something real is happening and it will always stay with you as a seed for a future change.’

I am also pleased to say that Dr Kopec has agreed to be a health advisor to the Committee of 100 Natural health department who are part of the Magna Carta 2015 movement in the UK. We look forward to working closely with Tomasz to help people understand about Open Focus and natural health. Once this knowledge and information is truly understood, this will empower our community to take control of their health and well being. The exercises are simple to understand, and the science behind it is sound. Many people are coming to the conclusion that this is all universal energy at work and we are experiencing this energy from a different approach with Open Focus. I live without pain now, can deal with anxiety much better than I used to, I am reducing the lines around my eyes and sleeping much better because of this knowledge. I was very angry about how the world is being duped into a hierarchical system that shouldn’t be there, and Open Focus enabled me to calm that anger and concentrate my energies on making this world a better place. This has helped me make the decision to join the Committee of 100 and start becoming active to bring about the change that is so dearly needed and wanted. I truly believe that any good human wants a better world for all of us and our generations to come. That being the truth, let’s get on with it then and create a world that we all deserve and long for!
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  1. Are there any plans to expand platforms of the examples to include Android?

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