Ancient texts, Ancient remedies


ImageWhen looking at the complete chaos manifesting across our world, it made me look at things more closely to try to find answers to the big questions I have about our existence on this crazy planet we call our home, Earth. It is a beautiful blue sphere, in a solar system in the outer reaches of a galaxy. What is very apparent is our history as told to us is twisted, if not a complete fabrication. There are some great ancient writings to look at. One of them that seems to be popping up everywhere is the Nag Hamadi texts. These are the writings of the early Gnostics. When speaking to Roger Lefebvre from the Ministry of Health, we often find commonalities between the Gnostic writings and the Veda’s. Here’s what he had to say to me about our current situation.

‘In extreme Yang conditions there is always a spark of Yin and vice versa. Humanities levels of consciousness when incarnate, goes through four major cycles. These cycles are gold, silver, bronze and iron (dark). It is quite clear that we are in the midst of the ‘dark age’. Look at the wars, the corruption and the greed. Fortunately for those of us that get through the next 15/20 years we will experience the beginnings of a golden age which is said to last about 10,000 years (so say the yogis that study the Veda’s). It will then descend back to where we are now and worse, play your cards right and do not incarnate then !

Get me a ticket as I am out of here. With the collapse of morality and integrity I am experiencing, I do not want to be living in a world that is worse than this one. Many of us are looking at ways of transcending this and moving into a place where the true nature of our consciousness can exist as it should. To live, to learn, to love.

When the Ministry of Health was at the Bilderberg conference we made many new friends. One of them was Liz from the Colloidal Company. We had much in common as we all seem to share the same values in wanting to help people around us into good health. We asked Liz about the Ancient ways people used for health and well being. Here is what she had to say on the subject.

‘The Ancients had a lot more knowledge of natural healing and it is only really in recent times we are beginning to learn what has been lost. The rise of the mechanical philosophy in the 17th century and synthetic drug therapy in the early 20th century gradually undermined holistic and other forms of natural medicine.


The human body, like other animals, have their own onboard low gauss electrical system which runs throughout the body and is contained in the sheath around nerves. One half is positive while the other half is negative. It is this system that regulates the immune/repair mechanism of the body. 


Over the years of aging and or severe trauma this mechanism can become damaged or less efficient in certain areas resulting in slow healing and repair, as well as not providing enough stimuli to the body’s own immune system, along with the gradual depletion of minerals in our soil through over-farming and GMO in our crops.


Over the millennia , the positive/negative electrical system, has been described by many different societies using the following terms:- Yin and Yang, Chakras, Acupuncture points and meridians,  Life Force, etc. Basically, it’s all the same thing – a definable force that is within every one of us which we can harness to benefit our own inner strength, stimulate our own immune system and realign our inner electrical force field.  Some trained and extremely gifted people can do this just by mentally controlling their own body, and they can even assist others with the use of directing their energy through their hands on to others that are suffering. In other cases the use of acupuncture can have the effect of unblocking the lines of electrical communication within the body or even the reverse, of blocking pain response back to the patient’s brain receptors.


However, we all have the ability of clearing blocked electrical energy pathways and helping maintain our own natural electrical balance and maintain our own natural ether system. With which we stay tuned into nature, the earth and the universe.


One of the ways we can achieve this for ourselves is with the use of colloidals (electrical micro charged almost nano sized particles) 

These include gold which inter-reacts with the entire neural system; silver, which inter reacts with all damaged, torn or infected areas within or on the body and copper for its skin rejuvenation properties.


Colloidal Gold basically, repairs the DNA, which in effect enhances physical good health & emotional health and wellbeing. Harmonizing the nervous system, opening neural pathways, stabilizing collagen, regulating the heart’s pumping rhythm, enhancing IQ, strengthening the libido, enhancing sexual functioning, treating addictions, attention deficit disorder It is also reportedly been used in treating obesity, depression and anxiety, blood circulation, and skin ulcers. In ancient times it was commonly known as ‘The Elixir of Life’. It is well documented

that Egyptian Pharaohs, particularly, Cleopatra,  utilized Gold to maintain their health, appearance and enhance awareness.


Colloidal Silver has been observed under a micron microscopic examination of its effects on a damaged internal area of appearing to act like a halo or sphere surrounding the damaged area and reversing the electrical polarity of the internal supply mentioned in the preceding information. This then has the instant effect of the local cells re-birthing in the shape and type needed to affect a speedy repair. It is this repair information that has to reach the brain for it to reverse the polarity which starts the repairs in motion. If any of these pathways are weak or damaged the information is either delayed or not carried through to its needed conclusion. Silver has been utilized as a natural antibiotic and disinfectant for thousands of years. From ancient Babylonians & Egyptians through to Present Day hospitals, particularly in the treatment of burn victims due to its promotional healing powers

Colloidal Copper has a similar effect on the entire body’s arteries and veins with respect to oxygenating and cleansing of these vital pathways. Copper also increases elasticity to the artery walls and increases the production of collagen in the skin. As far back as ancient Egypt, Aztec, Roman and Greece, copper has been utilized for healing purposes. Copper jewellery has been worn for hundreds of years as a treatment for many ailments, including arthritis. In present times, copper bracelets are used to ease joint and arthritic pain. Now with the understanding of copper deficiency in the body, not only supporting the immune system but can also result in reducing skin wrinkles, crow’s feet, varicose veins, copper has now been promoted as a ‘Fountain of Youth’, by improving the elasticity of the skin


Besides the actual pure mineral benefits there are also the added benefits of the micro electrical charge that every one of these colloidals carry. The charge is almost identical with the ether charge already in existence on earth and the cosmos, but a little stronger.

The above colloidals can be utilized for general everyday maintenance, specific conditions or health problems and can also be utilized to enhance beauty and skin care topically.


Finally, please just don’t take our word for it, we advise everyone to further their own research.’


It was very interesting talking to Liz at the Bilderberg meeting and on the phone afterwards. She is very passionate about health and wants to help. There are certain aspects to taking colloidal gold and copper which are highlighted on the website, so make sure you research it properly before taking them. I personally use colloidal silver and have experienced the remarkable effects it can have on your body. Again, I have done much research into it and do exercise caution to dosage.


Please visit Remo and Liz’s site for more information. I am sure you will find the site informative and enlightening, as we did at the Ministry of Health.

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  1. Anthony Gajadhar · · Reply

    Positive and Negative runs along the nerves, this may be true , but only for the physical system, our whole body to me is positive and negative , the upper part being positive and the lower part be negative, those two forces meet in the area of the solar plexus, just as the right side of our body be positive and the left negative, where the nerves are concerned ,in the head, it crosses somewhere in the PONS.the right side being negative and the left being positive

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