Live and Informative and possibly dangerous


It is time to really start making a difference in this meme we are born into and change the hierarchical system we live under on planet earth. It is time to get past the isms and the ists and look at the situation for what it is, a complete disaster. Those of you following this from a real point of view, rather than the phoney main stream media will understand what I am talking about here. You know that the left right paradigm of politics is completely controlled, all the major corporations have monopolies on virtually everything and the money that we use is made out of thin air, and lent to us with interest. This alone is fraud and we will be pushing this in the courts next year. What concerns me is that we really only have about 5 years left on this planet if we allow these lunatics who are running the show to carry on what they are doing. The Geo-engineering, the fracking, the oil spills, the use of GMO’s, the insecticides and carcinogens, the use of fluoride in the water, the WIFI, TETRA, the mobile phone technology now going to 4G and then 5G and on and on it goes. It is time to stand up and be counted. We can stop this with a combined effort quite easily. It is the numbers that we lack at this point in time.

I am appearing on the People’s Voice on Thursday 19th December at 7 pm GMT. I will be performing two of my newest songs together with an interview. Here I will be able to give my take on where we are and what we need to do. We all need each other to overcome these problems we face, as there is no knight in shining Armour coming over the horizon to stop this all. In saying that, we do have protection and guidance from a higher place, so there really is nothing to fear. The link to the show is below. My section starts at 27.00 in fro the start.

It is incumbent on all of us to take responsibility of ourselves, our actions, and what people are supposed to be doing for us. It is no longer acceptable for politicians and bureaucrats to lie and deceive us in our name and tell us we do not have opinions worth listening too. Pure democracy is two fox’s and a chicken voting on whats for dinner. If you do not have a strong constitution that protects you if you are the chicken, then quite frankly, you are dinner! That is why I am wholeheartedly behind the British Constitution Group.

I would also like to thank everybody for their love and appreciation for what we are  achieving with the Ministry of Health. We are growing from strength to strength and will have many activities for anybody who wants to to get involved in 2014. Together, we will end this madness.

Love and Blessings.


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