Rise of the Gnostics


Throughout history people who really seek the truth, open their minds, and dive into this reality have been demonised, ostracized and eventually slaughtered. Christians were slaughtered every day after the death of Jesus before Constantine declared Christianity the official religion in 325 AD at the council of Nicea. Were these early Christians really Gnostics? That is a very good question. St Paul’s writings were definitely of Gnostic origin and virtually all the writings of the Gnostics were destroyed, which includes the Library of Alexandria. The butchering and slaughtering continued through the dark ages and then into the Spanish Inquisition, where the Cathars were wiped out in France. The peoples who lived next to the Cathars said they were the most peaceful and righteous people they had ever met. They were still wiped off the face of the earth for being heretics, which simply means ‘a belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine.’ In recent times, this type of behaviour is not tolerated in so called civilised societies, so people who are looking for the truth have been growing in numbers slowly. Now, thanks to the internet, they are starting to communicate with each other. The rise of the Gnostics is here and growing daily.

Gnosticism simply means knowing. Again there are stories to help people understand the situation we are in. To put it simply though, Gnosticism is a journey of inner discoveries, so you can speak with authority and confidence of your knowledge because it is an experience and not conjecture or hear say. The inner journey is a fabulous journey, but enlightenment comes at a price, well it did for me anyway. Firstly, I became very angry when I researched how humanity is being completely deceived by parasites who are a small group of people who run the banks, the corporations and completely influence the political systems of most of the world. David de Rothschild used the term ‘Super class’ to describe them. Then I became aware of their scams like global warming, where they blame us for the destruction of the environment because of our CO2 emissions. This gas is essential for life on this planet as we know it. The real culprits are the mega corporations who are completely wreaking havoc on our environment. Now, more than ever is the Electro magnetic frequencies we are being subjected to. I also researched how Monsanto and co want to completely control the food system and on and on my discoveries went, where humanity was always being manipulated. The conclusion I came to is that humanity itself is under attack on both a material, and metaphysical level. The nature of our reality is also being kept from us. This leads me nicely to my recent experiences.

I went to a bioenergy workshop at the International Academy of Consciousness in London. At first I thought I had wasted my money as they were talking about all the areas of research I already knew about, but then came the twist, which knocked both mine and my partners socks off. We first started moving our energies around the body, then projecting them out of the body and then absorbing energy from the room into the body. This was the first time I had experienced someone else’s morphic field. That was quite an amazing experience, so now I can say without a doubt in my mind, that we do have this field around us, but what happened next is still bewildering me a week later.
We were told to meditate on our third eye chakra. We did this for about 5 minutes. Then with dimmed lights, we were instructed to focus on the presenters third eye, or chin area, whichever was most comfortable for the viewer. After about 30 seconds things started to get weird. Firstly a man with a beard started to appear, then a slimmer taller man started to appear. Then the physical form of the presenter completely disappeared and I could see the back wall. Then little lights appeared where the body was and I could still see the back wall. The man with the beard appeared on a few more occasions, and then the exercise finished. I was the first member of the audience to speak of my experience, and I started by saying ‘This is going to sound weird, but this is what I witnessed’. Three people also concurred with what I saw, and one only saw the aura around the presenter. I did ask if there was any chance that my eyes were playing tricks on me, but the presenter said that my experience was normal, backed up by the others who saw the bearded man, the tall man and the disappearance of the presenter. Talk about a paradigm shift. My mind was completely blown away. The International Academy of Consciousness are recording all these experiences that attendees have and have a wealth of knowledge on consciousness and the paranormal. Here is there website so pay them a visit. It is most definitely worth it if you want to even begin to understand the nature of our reality, this is a big step in the right direction.


That experience has convinced me that this reality is holographic in nature. What a great mindset to have when you go and see David Icke talk for ten hours . I was so pleased to see him talk about the Gnostics and the Nag Hamadi texts found in Egypt in 1945. He explained the Gnostics well and spoke of the Archons for around two hours. These are the dark forces that are twisting humanity out of shape, quite literally feeding on us, and pushing us towards a trans humanist future. Unlike his other events, David seemed a little more open minded to other influences now and did mention his previous obsession with the reptilian forms. He said that it is the Archons using reptilian form. I feel that this is a more rounded look at it. Everywhere I go from the International Academy of Consciousness to the Hare Krishna lectures, they are always mentioning dark forces that are interfering with our existence on this planet. In fact, David’s conclusions did have big similarities with the teachings of the Veda’s, where David said that Saturn is the level we need to pass to get out of this re incarnation trap. My ‘spidey’ senses were tingling almost all the way through his presentation.

There was so much research David bought up about the Archons, even by people who are not calling them Archons, like Dr Eben Alexander for example. The Doctor, who was a sceptic to this kind of information, states in his book the dark place he started in when he first realised he had left his body, where there was a metallic thud, much like a heartbeat, in the background. There were reptilian like figures, among others, that were swirling around this dense dark reality he was experiencing. He realised he shouldn’t be there and started to rise out of this into a far, far better place. The book is called ‘Proof of Heaven’ and is definitely worth a read.


Here is a good lecture from George Meek who also mentions the dark forces at work, but doesn’t go into it. He does talk about the levels of consciousness we need to exceed to get out of this trap. It is all fascinating, concurrent with my research and what David was talking about, and rings true to me. I am going to keep going with my research here and look into consciousness further as it is one of the keys to lifting your life out of the kali yuga we are living through. We need to do this together. Here’s the link.

Gareth Icke played with his band before each section started. This gave the flow of information a welcome break, as David did go through so much on the day. It was an amazing session of dot connecting. I managed to have a quick word with Gareth on the day. I have met his father also and I find them both charming and genuine people. I think the recent attack on David Icke is not only childish, but really does show the consciousness of the people who are doing it. David’s message throughout the day was to live your life through the heart chakra and raise your consciousness, and this will transform the energies within humanity as we are interconnected. This will help bring this insane world back to how it should be. A creative interactive playground for a point of consciousness to have an experience. I would recommend to get the DVD when it comes out, and research all the areas he covers, and you will get the bigger picture, as it were, and help you understand how your perception is being deceived. I personally made some new friends there and reconnected with some old ones. It was truly an energising experience and a great way to focus me on what I have to do as a human being.

We then went to the Mind Body and Soul exhibition at Earls Court on the Sunday. We met our friends from Dahn Yoga and immediately had a big warm loving greeting from the team, and proceeded to get a massage, which was a fantastic start to the day. We met some amazing people there who are really understanding the current situation we are in and focusing on waking their fellow human beings into some sort of wakefulness. The numbers are growing daily. We also found a dairy farm here in the UK who are cruelty free. The website is http://www.ahimsamilk.org . I am a vegan myself, but if you want to eat cruelty free cheese in the UK or Europe, buy from this farm. This farm deserves support as they are amazing people and most of them promoting it are volunteers. I will write more about them next time.

People who are psychics, clairvoyants, sensitive’s, spiritualists and healers are all starting to talk to each other. I felt there was a general consensus that it is now time to start speaking about your experiences. I am definitely a sensitive, as I have always found this world extremely difficult to live in until now. I have many friends who have been looked upon as odd, strange or mad, and it is now time to end these views on these types of peoples. It is time to purge out the charlatans and pretenders from destroying the integrity of these people also, who generally come out of the ‘New Age’ movement. That is all part of the propaganda we live under, where the liars get all the press. Also common is people stating ‘It is the ones who know what they are talking about who don’t speak, and ones who don’t know what they are talking about, you just can’t shut them up’. Well here’s what I think.

It is time to speak up and speak your truth. It is time to stop being controlled by peer pressure. It is time to say ‘no more’ to being walked over. It is time to stop being ignored and be heard. It is time to look into the nature of our reality and understand that this is an amazing existence that should be cherished. It is time to realise we are connected to everything on a quantum level. It is time to reject the phoney new age movement and the phoney green movement both controlled by the globalists, and become fully conscious and environmentalists ourselves. It is time to come to the simple realisation that we are all love at our source. It is time to rid ourselves of this cesspit of a control system that is trying to hold humanity in a box. It is a time for courage. It is time for love. It is a time for compassion. It is a time of information, so there is no excuse for ignorance. It is time for the rise of the Gnostics.



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