An open letter to the National Union of Teachers


I am writing to you to urge you to look at this information I have included in this email as it is important not only for the health of the teachers, but also the innocent children whose health will be compromised if no action is taken. I am writing about wireless technology and the detrimental effects this has on the human condition. I am not a scientist myself, just a very concerned human, but I do have the support of Professor Olle Johansson who, with the help of 28 authors from ten countries, ten holding medical degrees, (MD’s), 21 Phd’s, and three Msc, MA or MPH’s, wrote the BioInititaive report to highlight the detrimental effects wireless technology has on human health. This report has around 2,000 scientific tests to back this statement up. Here is the link.
Also what is important to note here is that wireless technology is listed by the World Health Organisation as a 2B carcinogen. The TUC document, Occupational Cancer: A Workplace Guide[1], advises that establishments do not introduce class 2B Carcinogens. Page 6 states that “Caution should be used to prevent exposure to substances in Group 2B”.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999[2], and COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) [3] means that the first step must always be to remove the hazard altogether if possible.

The NUT is an affiliate of the TUC, therefore this matter needs your urgent attention. This is saying that 2B carcinogens should be removed from places of work. Surely this must mean schools, as, from some of the research done in the BioInitiative report highlights that children are more susceptible to the detrimental effects of this type of technology. They have thinner skulls and a less developed immune system than adults.

The World Health Organisation, in 2011, classified electromagnetic fields from wireless information as possible carcinogens. The Council of Europe’s Environment Committee in its Resolution no. 1815 from May 2011 calls for strong measures to protect the public against harmful effects of radiation, including a ban on mobile phones and wireless internet in schools with regard to children’s health.

Here is a recent talk given by Professor Olle Johansson on the detrimental effects of wireless technology on the human condition.

Here he states that the precautionary principle has been ignored when it comes to Electro Magnetic Frequencies. Here are a few other major points the Professor highlighted. The Italian Supreme Court has ruled mobile phones cause brain tumours. The French agency for food and environmental health and safety states the exposure to Electro Magnetic Frequencies should be greatly reduced. The Belgian Government have announced measures to restrict use of mobile phones by young people. Dr Marie Gibson resigned her position at the exclusive Tangara school for girls because of health issues due to WIFI. South Korean experts are noticing a surge in teenagers with poor memory and are deteriorating in cognitive abilities due to games and mobile phones. EMF’s cause DNA fragmentation, which creates loss of fertility, impairment of the immune system, debilitates cancer defence, and causes genetic damage to future generations.

One more piece of information that needs to be looked at is that the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in 2008 after being introduced to the BioInitiative report that something needs to be done, and still nothing has happened. I believe our political systems have let us down and we need to take action to prevent further problems with health in the future. Wireless technology is one of these aspects of health that needs our serious attention, and then action. Our children’s health is in question here, and the precautionary principle must be adhered to. The World Health Organisation has released a report stating that cancer is going to rise to 1 in 2 people in the not too distant future. All provisions need to be taken to keep this figure down, and that would include taking a 2B carcinogen out of our schools.

And finally Electro Hypersensitivity also needs to be considered here. Seeing as pulsed radiation of the wireless technology kind has no natural human protection, and is cumulative, are we developing a nation of Electro Hypersensitive people? Tjis is the debate and the precautionary principle needs to be adhered to here, as we should not be playing roulette with our children’s lives. Here is a short preview to a film being made on this very subject.

If you require any further technical information, Professor Olle Johansson has kindly offered to answer them if you wish to direct them through to me. I am here to help and wish to work together for the health and well being of all humans on the planet. Here is a link to an article I have written on the subject of WIFI and the website I am part responsible for to enable all of us to be more responsible for our health.

With my very best intentions for the health of all of us.

Peter Parker.
Ministry of Health.

ministry of healthy

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