We’ve got your children

criminal damage childrenHave you ever heard something that sent shivers up your spine and then gone about your daily life and not really thought too much about it? On a personal level, I remember when I started to wake up and look into the darkness which exists in this world, I was listening to the American talk show radio host Alex Jones. Alex Jones is always talking about how he mingles with the elites and says that he has even had offers to work for them. All this is here say and interesting, but something that he said on one of his shows is really starting to ring true with me as we witness this world unfolding at the present time. He said he was speaking to one of these elites and they said to him ‘No matter what you do, we’ve got your children.’ This is becoming more apparent with current developments, especially when it comes to the vaccine scandal that has just come to light. If you are not aware of this information, I think you will find this extremely alarming.

Firstly let’s look at vaccines and their link to autism, which has now been proven. We will look into the recent cover up by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) in America who proved vaccines cause autism. Then we will look at radiation and Electro Magnetic Frequencies, where we are witnessing more and more scientific evidence that this is detrimental to human health, and that children are more susceptible to this harm. And finally we can briefly look at the paedophile scandals that will keep coming up in the mainstream media and why it will destroy the hierarchy of the UK if the real truth comes to light. All these factors are an attack on the children of the world and this can be easily proven now. Just looking around at the health crisis that is looming, something is very wrong with the way that we are living, and vaccines, Electro Magnetic Frequencies and diet all play a role in the steady decline of our wellbeing.

Firstly Natural News has done an excellent job at uncovering the deception of the CDC. The CDC found that vaccines were causing autism in African American children and then attempted to cover these findings up. As Natural News points out, the CDC is running a criminal racket steeped in scientific fraud. So much so that a congressman in America is trying to get to the bottom of the cover up and is being stonewalled. Here is the article .


 And here is another link to the said information.


 Here is Congressman Bill Posey talking about the need for the CDC to be transparent in its findings.


Again Natural News has put together another article that is talking about the dangers of vaccines and why they don’t work. This is really important to understand as a bigger picture is unfolding here.


In case all this information is not enough, here is another link to a fantastic piece that talks about the dangers of vaccines.


Here is another article exposing Indian children being used as guinea pigs for a new vaccine.


According to the CDC figures, autism has risen in the USA by 30 % over the past two years from 1 in 88 to one in 68. Here in the UK, the numbers are rising also and more than 1 in 100,000 children are now quoted as suffering from the symptoms as stated by autism.org.uk . It gets worse. The numbers in South Korea are 1 in 38 children. These are rising numbers and there is no coincidence that the rise also coincides with the use of vaccines on the children being born into these countries. Both the CDC whistleblower Dr. William F. Thompson and Dr. Andrew Wakefield have received very little coverage, if any at all, in the mainstream media here in the UK about their findings on the detrimental effects of vaccines. Is this anything to do with profits for the vaccine suppliers? According to the World Health Organisation the Global market share of vaccines has tripled in size from 5 billion dollars in the year 2000 to 24 billion dollars in the year 2013. That’s quite a jump.

So is it the money that is important to the vaccine suppliers or the health of their customers? The human immune system is amazing and can deal with most problems that enter the body in the form of disease if running at optimum levels, but vaccines throw the immune system into overdrive and, in some cases can completely destroy it. So a good healthy diet, rich in all the building blocks the body needs to keep it strong and healthy would be far more desirable than vaccines. We are led to believe that vaccines and big pharma are the answer to our problems. The simple truth of the matter is, they are causing much of the health problems of today, and the companies behind this scam are looking forward to the health implosion that is coming over the horizon. Their bank accounts are waiting in anticipation of a windfall. The health system isn’t about health, it is about profit. Here is a good short documentary on the beginnings of the health system we know today.


And here is another great piece about the Rockefeller foundation and eugenics. It is all linked when you join the dots together.


Just in case you are still not convinced, here are more quotes from people who have been advising us about the detrimental health implications of vaccines.

Dr. J. Anthony Morris who was the former chief vaccine control officer and research virologist for the USA stated ‘There is a great deal of evidence that the immunization of children does more harm than good’.

Dr. Tom Jefferson says this about the flu vaccine. ‘The vaccine doesn’t work very well at all. Vaccines are being used as an ideological weapon. What you see every year as the flu is caused by 200 or 300 different agents with a vaccine against two of them. That is simply nonsense’.

And more damming information published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society of Biological Sciences. ‘Children who are vaccinated for whooping cough actually suffer more decreased immunity and are more susceptible to B. parapertussis infection than their unvaccinated peers. Vaccinated children, in essence, are the carriers of disease when it comes to all these whooping cough outbreaks. Unvaccinated children remain largely healthy during these outbreaks, as their immune system is not crippled by exposure to artificial antigens’.

And from the Journal of Autoimmunity ‘ Even though the data regarding the link between vaccines and autoimmune disease is conflicting, some autoimmune phenomena are clearly related to immunization’.

Here is a lecture by Dr Tent on vaccines which goes into more depth about the detrimental effects of vaccines and breaks down the belief system sold to us about vaccinations. He goes into foreign DNA being injected into our systems that needs somewhere to manifest. This includes cancer causing monkey viruses found in the vaccines. This is an extremely educational lecture.


And finally Dr Suzanne Humphries on You Tube talking about the effects of vaccines on the body.


There is a plethora of quotes and information on vaccines and how they are affecting our health and these are just a few. Our children are under attack. What Alex Jones said on his radio show about the control of our children is starting to ring alarm bells in my head. There is a growing tide of anger over the vaccine scandal. Let’s look at what else there is that is adversely affecting the health of, not only our children, but us as a species.

It is now being recognised that the Electro Magnetic Frequency issue with wireless technology will soon bring a second wave of anger towards the gross negligence over the safety of this technology. Again let’s look at the market share of smart phones. It was worth around 150 billion dollars last year, and is on the rise. The outdoor WIFI market is predicted to be around 37 billion dollars by 2018. This is very big business and, the people who are running these corporations will want to protect their interests. This is good enough reason to look into the conspiracy of covering up scientific data to make governments abandon the precautionary principle and literally use us as guinea pigs for this technology. EMF’s cause DNA fragmentation, which in turn creates loss of fertility, impairment of the immune system, debilitates cancer defence and causes genetic damage to future generations. I have documented this in a previous article so please read this also as it will provide you with the information to understand this situation we are facing.


In this article we are running a campaign to remove WIFI from schools. We are also encouraging people to write to their local National Union of Teachers’ and TUC members to remove this from schools and workplaces in general. Here is the open letter and I am pleased to say that there are people who are actually participating in this activity. We can all move to stop this criminal damage being inflicted on our children.


Again, there is an enormous amount of information that is coming out about EMF exposure and it is time to start taking this seriously. Part of the damage we have all suffered is that we are so slow to react to this information. The mainstream media is definitely in support of this big business that runs everything, and slowly but surely, this is slowly being addressed and, with more activism, will come to a halt sooner rather than later. Just look at what is happening over in Ireland at the moment with the massive turn out demonstrating over what the Government is trying to impose with regards to water on the Irish people. The good folk of Ireland are starting to wake up over there at last and voicing their objections. So we all need to be getting more vocal with our anger across the world and get involved to stop the nonsensical actions of Government, who are implementing the puppet masters agenda. Here is an article from RT.


So to my last point, which is also linked to health in a way. It is now the beginning of 2015 and Andrew Sax Coburg Gotha, also known as Andrew Windsor is all over the news at the moment about the allegations of him having sexual relations with an underage girl. When you stand back and take a look at the bigger picture, what is really going on here?. Andrew is a good friend of a well known paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. He would know all about Epstein’s activities. Then, if you also look at Jimmy Saville being a good friend of the Royal family , there is definitely something wrong with this picture. No one gets near Royalty without having their backgrounds fully checked first. So the Royal family would have complete knowledge of Jimmy Saville and his debauched disgusting demonic behaviour, and still he was allowed to not only be associated with them, but act as a very close friend. I suggest you look into this in great detail, if you can stomach it. This is the glue that holds this whole rancid arena of control together. We can see that Westminster is a cesspit of sexual perverts and paedophiles who are being protected by the security services. Any proper investigation is being scuppered at every level. What a world we live in. What vile people we allow to run our lives.

My experience of paedophiles is too close for my liking. Alan Ackers who has been convicted of paedophile offences three times now, was a teacher at my old school. He was convicted of sexual offences against children while I was attending the school. He used to fill his house with boys, attracting them with arcade games like pinball, then sexually abuse them in the back bedroom. I never went to his house but I had friends who did and they said there was something very sick about it. We were thirteen year old boys at the time, and this monster had children as young as eleven there. We also had Jonathan King operating out of the Walton Hop, where again I didn’t attend the place, but my friends reported back to me things that were happening that were just not right. I also attended a boarding school in Goldalming where a Josephite priest by the name of Father Dominic was head master. I went back there recently to vanquish some demons within me and was told by the new owners of the school that he has been banned from being near children forever. Again there were strange occurrences at the school, where one boy would end up in a teachers room from 5.30 pm in the evening until lights out, and no one questioned this behaviour. We also had two or three teachers who would stand in the showers and make the boys line up to be closely inspected by them as they marched out of the showers in line, one by one. This all seemed normal to innocent children at the time. The people at that school were sick and twisted. I am pleased to know that this school no longer operates as a hiding place for paedophiles. No school should.

So these three issues are interlinked health wise. The first two are obvious medical reasons through scientific findings but the third seems a little more subtle. Damage to children’s psyche can be very subtle. When a child is abused, even in the slightest way, there are problems that will arise in the future. These usually take the form of negative emotions that will linger in the body and start to manifest into physical health symptoms in the future. Dr Bach of the flower remedies fame highlights the low level vibrational nature of negative emotions and how they need to be dealt with. Our children are under attack and this situation needs to be rectified. We have Harriet Harman, who is a high profile labour politician in the UK, linked to the paedophile information exchange, and wanting to bring the age of consent down, still operating in a government position in the UK. What the hell is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sooner this comes to an end the better. I wish to see a healthy open minded civilisation that has the health and well being of the children at the forefront of priorities. What we see here is profit, control and the deepest debauchery you can imagine released on our children. The control system wants a dumbed down population that never questions the official narrative. They want us to believe their phoney scientific experiments on medicine and new technologies. They want us to accept that cancer is now going to be 1 in 2 and that this is a good thing so your family can prepare for your death. They want us to accept the rising of safe radiation levels as normal, so we don’t suspect that this maybe causing any health problems. These are reckless psychopaths who have given up on life and are screwing the population of the world for as much as they can. They want us to accept their genetically modified food without labels, which I will get into at another time. The quicker we all get involved to stop this, the quicker we can get on with creating the paradise this world is meant to be.





  1. Andrew Sherman · · Reply

    Interesting mention of Alan Ackers. That beaky piece of human waste taught at the school I attended in the ’70s, and even then the school authorities were well-aware of what Ackers was getting up to at his “Christian boys’ club”, and that he was attempting to inveigle boys at the school to visit his club. The day after The News of the World did an exposé about him (1977/78?), pretty much a riot ensued at the school, with his car (a blue Morris Traveller) bearing the brunt of the wrath of the pupils. It ended up on its’ roof, with every panel kicked in beyond repair.
    And yet the scumbag – a member of P.I.E. – didn’t get a conviction until – as far as I know – the 1990s. Neither education authorities or the Old Bill appeared to have him on their radar, despite the parental complaints and pupil complaints about him.

    1. Jonathan King was also very active around the Weybridge area. These people make me sick to the stomach. Thank you for reaching out. :))

  2. Ackers taught at Wimbledon College in the 1980s. Even then, rumours abounded, there were poorly disguised innuendos in the pupil-written school magazine, he tried to infiltrate many clubs and societies that allowed close and secluded contact, and still all the school authorities did was chastise any kid that made a comment about him.

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