Hear your calling

Sunset in Maui, Hawaii.

How far you have come in the last few years. Since taking your year out to research the conspiracies of the darker side of the world, you now stand here awakened, a changed man who perceives life through different eyes, the eyes you were suppose to see this world through. Finding yourself with another old soul in a fish bowl looking for a direction, you then found two soul sisters to help you further your journey. They welcomed you in as if they had known you for eternity, and taught you ancient ways of healing your body, getting your body into shape, and how to focus on the good information within.

You now stand before all these wonderful people, seeing the endless possibilities that exist within all of them. You have become that little boy again who first looked at this world humanity has created realizing that it is all an illusion, darkened by greed and the need to control, and see that you can change the world around you so that you can forge the way and walk your true path and help others to do the same. The darkness will never put out the growing light within you again.

You are now walking into new challenges and adventures that will help you grow. You are a sensitive and a clairvoyant. Like other sensitive’s around you, you perceive the coming change, and know from the Hoppi Indian philosophy that the blue star of Cachina is now approaching the earth signalling a time of great purification. All that is hidden will rise to the surface. We are now seeing this all come to light as the cover ups are becoming increasingly obvious, and the actions of the controlling governments, financial institutions and billionaire dynasties, who are all being controlled and manipulated by a compartmentalized system, become more and more desperate.

You are now seeing that we are eternal, connected and have the same capabilities within. We are not races, but one race, the human race. So work with your new found family to speed up the cleansing process that is so desperately needed in our world today. Walk tall and reject any lies that come from the so called institutions of authority. The truth is that no one has authority over you as you are divine, perfect at your source and limitless in your possibility. Light the way to inspire others to do the same and live the life we are supposed to live, full of joy, peace and happiness. Walk the path of love.




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