WIFI – Why not?

WiFi A5 Flyer copy copyWhen I first discovered the detrimental effects of WIFI on human beings, and how our governments have been so apathetic to do anything about this problem, it inspired me to write the article below.


This article was kindly reproduced by the Activists post, as well as many other alternative sites as it really does go into the problems we face with WIFI. At the Ministry of Health we are also running a ‘Get WIFI out of schools campaign’, where we are urging parents to broach this subject with their children’s head teachers. We are just one organisation out of a small number that are trying to get more public awareness of this issue Are we suffering from the boiling frog syndrome? Are we starting to see this coming into fruition now in America? Recently there was an article published in the Huffington post where the poorest people in the Detroit area found that there telomeres are being affected for many different reasons, and one of them being stress. Could this be linked with the wireless technology that we are seeing being implemented at the rate of knots throughout our habitable areas? It has been shown that WIFI does indeed fragment the DNA in the Bio Initiative report, and therefore, through my layman’s eyes, it must have a contribution to the detrimental effects happening to DNA of the poorest in Detroit. Here is the article below.


The best solution to WIFI and mobile phone EMF’s is to stop being exposed to it, but there are other ways to lessen the effects and they are pointed out in the article below. Green tea, obviously without fluoride added to it, and Vitamin D are two ways of combating the attack on your telomeres. But as I stated, the best way of avoiding the harmful effects is to keep it away from you, where possible. Low level EMF’s have been shown to be more harmful in some of the experiments performed on this technology.


Meditation is also useful for repairing your DNA. We are human beings, not human doings. The stressful way that we live today is so damaging to our health, that meditation will help you move into the healing zone, where your body naturally wants to be, and away from all the stresses and strains life has to offer. It is a way of turning off the mind and focusing on the inner peace, where we all naturally sit. This is the place where we all have a commonality, but so few are finding it still in the western world. This is the place where we can see each other’s differences and learn to work together for a better world. This is already happening, but we all must be active in the change. Moving harmful technologies away from us is the start of the healing process if we are to pass a world that we can all be proud of on to our children. Here is a good article on meditation and the healing effects it has.


The Telegraph newspaper has just published an article reiterating all the problems WIFI and mobile phones give to us. Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe together with Professor Olle Johansen and ssita.org.uk have all contributed to an excellent article that is spelling out the dangers of WIFI and mobile phones. Brain tumours have taken over from leukaemia as the most common cause of cancer in children. There has also been a fivefold increase in the risk of glioma’s, which is a form of brain tumour, for those using mobile phones under the age of twenty. Glioma’s have been recognised by the World Health Organisation as being linked to mobile phone usage. Here is the article.


WIFI is also linked to the increase of childhood obesity, and here we have another interesting article about health problems and strokes. We are getting sicker and sicker as a species, and, I believe there are many factors causing this. Could WIFI be part responsible for the rise in strokes, especially in the younger generations? Any stress on the body can manifest in many different ways. This could be the heart. These are all very alarming occurrences we all must start taking notice of.



People must start engaging their politicians with their outrage at the lack of precautionary care over this matter. Here is the list of the Ministers who are part of the Health Department of the Government. If enough people write to them, they have to start to take notice. The sooner the better, as this problem needs to be addressed before more innocent people are hurt. Here are the addresses below.


The WIFI campaign that the Ministry of Health is running is pointing the blame at the Head teachers, where we have designed a notice to send them. Insurance companies and the Government have washed their hands of this issue. So therefore it is down to all of us to stop being so apathetic and engage with these Ministers. If you need any help in putting a letter together, please feel free to write to the ministry of health at the below link, and we will be more than happy to put a letter together for you. We want health and wellbeing for all, as you can see from the opening statement on our website.


Here is the WIFI campaign we are currently running.


Turn off your mobile phone. Don’t hold it up to your head. Use the loud speaker function. When carrying it near the body, at the very least, put it onto flight mode. There is an advertising slogan being used by Vodafone that says ‘Live life with 4G.’ You may be able to get superfast internet access on your mobile phone, but how long will the life that you live last being exposed to this radiation. It is a lottery as no one truly knows how dangerous this actually is. All the independent research, which is so hard to get funding for, is screaming out to all of us saying ‘STOP USING THIS TECHNOLOGY’. Are you going to heed the warning? I do hope for your health and well being that you do turn off all wireless technology around you.

So begs the question – WIFI, why not? There are many reasons why we shouldn’t be using this hazardous technology, especially with regard to our children. It is time to get active and we wish you all the best in the push to get WIFI out of our schools, and just think, you may be the one who makes the difference. Now wouldn’t that be something.





  1. I agree that the youth today is just hooked on the internet, but the internet provides so much information…for young kids they should maybe have limited use for them…I think it a great idea for them to use the internet at school because they won’t have to worry about learning to use it when they are older…personal I never knew how to even use the computer when I was younger! so Internetat school under supervision is ok for me.

    1. Thank you for your comment. The point is not about having the internet at school or not. It is the safety of WIFI that is in question. This will become more pressing as more countries start to remove it from schools. You can still have the internet without the use of WIFI. The internet is an incredible invention, but should be used as a tool to learn and research, not to rely on otherwise we will stop using our memories and this will bring on another set of problems in the future. Technology is there to serve us, and not the other way around.

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