The Peaceful Eaters Club

peaceful eaters club copyThe Peaceful Eaters Club online Magazine has been set up by Jan Owen and edited by Peter Paul Parker to encourage people to move to a plant based diet. So many questions are asked like ‘Where do you get your protein from?’ ‘It is so difficult to find the right ingredients?’ Will I feel full?’ and so on. We aim to deliver simple effective ways for preparing a nutritious tasty way of eating that is healthy and friendly to the planet also. We will give you the information on nutritional values of food so you can start to look at food as your medicine. During this time in human history, we are going through a period of great change. With those changes come great challenges and we have to be adaptable to make those changes work for us. Who does not want to feel lighter, refreshed and energized after eating? Since Jan and Peter went plant based diet only, great changes have happened to their health and well being. This together with a daily routine of Ki Gong and breathing meditation from the Brain Education System created by Ilchi Lee, means you too can enjoy a healthy long life. While the population seems to be getting sicker by the day, you can begin to thrive with your health. We are by far the sickest species on the planet and it is now time to address that issue. Please subscribe by visiting the link below. We look forward to welcoming you to our community and experiencing your contributions to our magazine.


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