So what is really happening behind the scenes?

what is happening

I know I am not alone in feeling that these are very strange times we are living in while we are in lockdown. I am also beginning to sense more people are waking up to the real world that has been lurking in shadows for so long. It is a very complex and sophisticated problem we face, but if we simplify it to an ideology, then things become much clearer much quicker. On my own personal journey, I have been through much anger, resentment, and bitterness as I dive into the deeper world of conspiracy, manipulation and full spectrum dominance. Personally, I have managed to slow that all down and rid myself of most of these negative energies with my practice of  Ki Gong and meditation that I do daily now. This practice is raising my own vibration to make me feel the power inside, so I can get out there and speak up. I hope this article helps you do the same as you begin to realise what is happening behind the scenes, and why we are in the position we are in.

The ideology I am speaking of is Eugenics. Here is the Wikipedia explanation.

Eugenics (/juːˈdʒɛnɪks/; from Greek εὐ- “good” and γενής “come into being, growing”) is a set of beliefs and practices that aim to improve the genetic quality of a human population, typically by excluding people and groups judged to be inferior and promoting those judged to be superior.


Most people have become aware that 6 major corporations actually run the world. These control the narrative for us to believe in by owning the majority of news outlets. Freedom of speech is now slowly being taken from us as people like David Icke and Alex Jones are removed from public platforms because of their view points. I do not necessarily agree with everything they both say, but I will defend their right to say it. In fact, listening to both of them, it has inspired me to go and do my own research and find out that they were telling the truth, about so many aspects of our world. The big issue here is that there are a small group of people attempting to take over the world, and Eugenics is at the heart of this new wave of control. It is termed differently, with expressions like population control or reproductive health. We are heading rapidly into this world unless more of us take courage and say we are not having this.


So, we come to today’s world, but first, let us go back in time a decade. The corona virus has multiple patents that were filed years ago. The patent was perfected in November 2019, the month before Covid 19, whose actual name is Sars Cov2. Much as after the Human Genome Project was completed, where some companies tried to patent parts of our DNA. This was ruled against by the Supreme Court of America, but the fact of the matter is, there are forces at play trying to do this. They have done this with the Corona Virus. Corona Virus is actually a blanket name for many viruses, like some cold viruses, Covid 19 is the symptoms, the virus we are in lockdown today for is called Sars Cov 2. The patenting of this to me means that someone wants to control health care rather than help. Health care can be done holistically, as I have proven for myself getting over many symptoms of the body using Ki Gong, breathing techniques and meditation. The body is an amazing vehicle and will serve us well, if we serve it well.

One more point to consider with patents is this. The UK’s criteria for patentability are adopted from the European Patent Convention. For an invention to be patentable, certain criteria must be met. It must be new, it must involve an ‘inventive step’, and it must be capable of industrial application. Here is a more in depth explanation of patents.

Sars Cov 2 has been patented and is a weak virus when you look at the bigger picture. That is not to say it is not deadly, and my best wishes and intentions I send to the victims of this virus and their families and hope they find peace. But it is a weak virus. Apparently 18 degrees can kill the virus. Drinking hot water and high doses of vitamin C can kill it. You can find some good information on Dr John Bergman’s YouTube channel for more information on what the virus is and how to deal with it. He sees all of this medical tyranny as wrong also. But let’s get back to the patent. The USA patent is US 2006257852. Here is the link.

This patent was applied for in 2006 by a company called Kyron, which they received. The founder of the company is Marta Masjoni, MD who brings to Kyron more than 25 years of unique expertise in many aspects of Pharmacovigilance, Medical Safety and Risk Management across all phases of drug development. She is highly skilled in advanced medical theories and practices as applied to the collection and evaluation of medicinal product safety data. This is her introduction on the website. Medical safety seems to be a common phrase describing what people do in the medical world, but I do not think it means our safety, as my research has shown me. The patent was then brought by GlaxoSmythKline, who specialise in vaccines. And hey presto, there is a European patent on a corona virus vaccine, whose patent number is EP 3172319B1. Here is the link.

This patent was applied for in 2014 and it was just granted in November of 2019. Personally, I feel there is no coincidence there, but you decide for yourself, as the Corona virus suddenly emerged just after this time. It really looks like the over played problem, reaction, solution scenario, which is the Hegelian dialectic, where the problem is created by the same entities that are offering the solution. It is an old trick and looks like it is happening here. The European patent is owned by a company called Pirbright Institute. You can see who are the major funders of this institution from the link here.

Yes, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are there on the list. Bill Gates who wants to vaccinate all seven and a half billion people who are on planet earth. Bill Gates has stated in his interviews that people act as if they have a choice. He says they have no choice. He says normality will only return when we have vaccinated almost the entire planet. He has been working on supplying vaccines to the third world, where so many controversies and conflicts of interest have arisen, where you can do your own research on that. My opinion is that this is criminal activity. Bill Gates stated in a Ted Talk that vaccines could reduce population. So, nothing has changed from the Eugenics movements that happened many years ago, which was ushered into the shadows as abhorrent. They are still present in todays world. James Corbett has done a wonderful breakdown of this here.

But we digress. The pandemic was talked about at Event 201, A global pandemic exercise, in October 2019. This was part hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. These discussions highlighted areas where public / private partnerships will be necessary for a response to a severe pandemic. Are you beginning to see a picture forming here, or is this all coincidence? Please do your own research also and see where it leads you.  Public and private partnerships is what Mussolini termed as Fascism. This is where state and corporate interests start to merge. Are we seeing a global fascist takeover of the world? Here is the link to event 201.

So how have Governments been helping to bring this pandemic into the public domain? We have some Orwellian type mind control tricks that have been in plain sight for everyone to see. The slogans, the clapping and the symbols have been carefully used to enable the authorities to take control of our thinking. We have fallen into mass hysteria created by Governments across the world. The use of slogans has been particularly prevalent. For instance, in China there is the slogan ‘If you love your parents, lock them up’. In Taiwan they are being told ‘To visit each other is to kill each other.’ In the UK, they seem harmless enough until you look into them a little more deeply. In the UK we have the slogan ‘We are all in this together.’ It reminds me of George Bush speaking after 9 11, stating ‘You are either with us or with the terrorists.’ Everyone should be up to speed with 911 and the anomalies that happened that day. You will then realise that this statement is loaded, just like the virus slogan.

The trio of phrases used in the UK were ‘Keep your distance. Wash your hands. Think of others.’ More recently we are hearing ‘Stay home. Save lives. Protect the NHS.’ I was taught this at Toastmasters as the power of three. A very powerful and convincing technique to convince your audience of your point. This is also known as the rule of three in psychological conditioning. This is why we are being bombarded by these phrases. It is conditioning. It is classic behavioural psychology. Also, repetition makes phrases become part of our subconscious mind and this motivates our behaviour towards certain scenarios. So, these slogans become beliefs and we believe in this rather than knowing the facts. This is auto suggestion. Have we not heard the power of three in the slogans ‘War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.’ It is George Orwell from his book 1984. Is it also a coincidence that the Control of Disease act is actually dated 1984? And the new amendments to that act give the Government incredible powers over you. Read it for yourself. It is breath-taking. It means they can shut down anything they want if someone is suspected of having the corona virus that is involved with the activity. Unbelievable connotations that thought brings to mind.

All the confusing rules that keep coming out of the UK Government are all designed to unsettle you and make you feel vulnerable. It is classic mind control. They are also being presented as orders rather than requests. They are creating an obedient unquestioning public to accept anything that they now order us to do. This will get worse the more time goes on, unless people question more and speak out against all of this.

One thing to remember is what Chris Witty, the UK’s Chief Medical Officer said about the virus. I have attached the file here for you to read and absorb. It is so important that we really recognise this information and see it for what it is. It is all part of the puzzle, and when put the pieces together you will see a bigger picture than the one presented to you.

chris witty corona virus

So where do we go from here? Do your own research into this. Remember nothing naturally occurring can be patented. Find other people to talk to about this. Empower yourself to take your health into your own hands through simple exercise, breathing and meditation techniques. Let go of your pre conceptions and dogmas and start unveiling the illusion that has hindered all of us at the bottom of the pyramid. Do you want a world that is healthy, natural and vibrant, or a world where every aspect of your life is monitored and you will be forced to take mandatory vaccines for you to function in the world? The Supreme Court of America ruled vaccines unavoidably unsafe!!!!!!!! We still have that choice at this point in time but the clock is ticking and if you made it to this point in this article, you do have the power to do something about this. I will be right there with you. With more of us speaking up, the quicker this will change for the better.

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