Peter Paul Parker has been a musician for most his career. He started as a bass player and moved onto become a producer and writer of songs and music. Peter has also  now moved into the health arena instructing Body & Brain and Ki Gong classes. Peter is a Public Speaker, having spoken at the Royal Society for the staff of the Care and Quality Commission and was President of Epsom Speakers club with distinction. Peter is the editor for the online magazine The Peaceful Eaters Club and now encourages a plant based diet for health and well being. Peter is also a Bach flower practitioner and part responsible for setting up the Ministry of Health.og.uk. Peter is a blogger highlighting the troubles our world faces at this time of great upheaval and change. He has also written the album Anahata recently as an expression of love for his new awakening.   http://www.peterpaulparker.co.uk/anahata.html



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  3. Hi Peter.

    Caught you on the Richie Allen show for the second time and I must say, I was very pleased to hear you say you had transitioned to veganism now. I must say, as a vegan and committed animal rights activist, it is wonderful to hear someone else espousing veganism on the show, as I feel the treatment of all living beings on this planet is such an essential component for the overcoming of the perception prison we are being deceived/controlled with for reasons I wont go into here for brevity’s sake. It really isn’t discussed enough in amongst alternative and “conspiracy” circles. I was listening with interest to your others areas of discussion and look forward to your hopeful quick to the show.


    1. Hi Ben,

      I agree with you about veganism. If we do not look after our body, we have no vehicle to experience this material world. Veganism is the way forward but you have to know what you are doing. People just stop eating meat and dairy and there is a little more to it than that. Also it is a heavy vibration eating meat and dairy and who knows what that animal went through for parts of it to get onto your plate. That vibration carries forward and you ingest it. Apparently I am going onto the show again on 13 May. I have had an amazing response from Richie’s listeners and see that you are all amazing and at various levels of waking up. I want us all to wake up properly and the world to become a beautiful playground for us to explore. I was always told I was a utopian nutcase for expressing that, but I do feel we are starting the long walk to that place on earth. All we are doing is planting the seeds for our vibration to be passed down to the next generation who will benefit from our work. Thanks for reaching out and keep exploring your own consciousness. You really do find the hidden beauty within and it is blissful. And when you mix with people on the same journey, true trust, love and respect starts to formulate.

      Kind regards,

      Peter. 🙂

  4. Jess Tyas · · Reply

    Hi Peter, I heard you on the Richie Allan show and you were absolutely brilliant. You radiate such a beautiful energy and offered some really great advice. There is so much going on in this world at the moment that at times it can feel very overwhelming. Your interview brought me so much comfort & I resonated completely with everything you said. I believe that no matter what’s ahead we must not allow the knowledge we have (on 5G, etc) take the beauty and the joy we have out of life. We must do all we can to fight it but we can’t allow it to destroy us. I also believe we find our liberation and our strength in the challenges we face. Your interview was really positive, grounded and refreshing.Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work! ❤

  5. Jess Tyas · · Reply

    I am also a vegetarian making the transition into veganism so thank you for touching on that, too! I agree with Ben (above) that it’s not spoken enough about within alternative ‘conspiracy’ circles.

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